Our central focus is to ensure that the quality of our work surpasses the client’s expectations,
reflecting our staffs’ trade skills and pride in what they are doing.


West Services is a highly respected company within the rail sector. With over 13 years of experience in this area our staff are competent and confident of the rail environment.

We ensure all of our staff are PTS qualified and we work hard to ensure health and safety is our priority. For the last 6 years we have had Achilles (RISQS) accreditation, each year we have successfully passed our audits, regularly gaining praise for our emphasis on the safety of our staff and customers. We have two members of staff dedicated to this department, and we are always looking for new ways to improve.

Over the last 13 years we have completed a huge variety of works ranging from small office refurbishments to large canopy repairs highlighting to all that the West Services team are capable of all projects given. Our works regularly gain praise from customers and corporate publications, recently a canopy repair we completed was featured in the Railway Heritage Trust’s annual report.


Our refurbishment team at West can give many areas a much needed facelift or a complete refurbishment. Our team have a vast amount of experience in this area, and can even help you with your design.

Some recent refurbishments include a cabin on a station platform, this was originally a run down shell, our team over a 4 day period transformed this into a workable information point, we have also completed a domestic kitchen with bespoke panelling and lighting effects. We have a huge amount of refurbishment experience over the last 13 years, our various divisions merge together always ensuring a smooth project and completed in a timely manner.

Depending on your requirements we work our schedule around our clients to guarantee as little disruption as possible. A refurbishment by West can change the space you work & live in, creating a fresh and useable space to its most potential.


Within the commercial sector a high quality shopfitting is of upmost importance, with the right surroundings and environment signifiant results can be generated from a customers experience. Its also important that a brands image is successfully communicated to the customer. A brands identity is at the forefront of Team West’s design phase and we work closely with our clients to reach a successful completion.

We work with one of the industry leaders in design and vinyl, all signage and displays can be bespoke to your brand with the upmost professional results. Furthermore all store cabinetry can be make to your brands bespoke requirements, and utilise any store limitations.


Our carpentry team love the work they do, they take great pride in their projects and work with clients to ensure their vision is created. Within our bespoke workshop and onsite our carpenters work hard to bring clients visions to life.

Team West are always seeking the latest tools to remain at the forefront of technology in our sector, whilst also trying to continue learning from other skilled professionals around the world to bring the best results possible to our clients.

Our Carpentry skills have been tested over the last 13 years with huge compliments from our clients. Most recently our team have built custom timber windows in line with heritage guidelines, rebuilt canopies to heritage specifications amongst various other wood works. With reference to one heritage canopy the results were praised so highly we were placed in the Network Rail Heritage Trust Annual Report. This was a huge achievement for Team West and it was great to have their work so highly recognised.


From homes to corporate areas having an item created to your exact requirements is a huge benefit, and can make an area much more practical and enjoyable space.

We have an immense experience in creating bespoke items to suit all requests, some of the bespoke items we have created are:

  • Children’s beds with bespoke tv units and wardrobe space
  • Bespoke fitted wardrobes
  • Bespoke staircases
  • Bespoke welcome desks
  • Bespoke timber windows

Our clients want it, we make it.


Great organisation is important for every work team, we make bespoke cabinetry for various organisations. Our various clients have had various needs and requests which we custom make to these requirements. Some of the requests are lockers with pin code locks, secure compartments built into walls, work station areas and welcome desks.

We have a professional sprayer within our team who spray’s our custom designs to the clients requirements. Our carpentry team work closely with clients to ensure the bespoke cabinetry suits all of their requirements and their vision is made.

Further to cabinetry we also manufacture washroom cubicles for schools and corporate washrooms and we install Altro flooring and wall cladding to create hygienic washrooms. All of our washroom designs are available in various colours to suit your corporate requirements.

West Services clients are able to trust in our services and reply upon our proven experience of high quality results.

Our various divisions ensure that projects are well organised with the dedication of a expert team. With a family background our teams are friendly, clean and professional, making West Services the finest choice for your commercial projects.

Our outstanding workshop setting allows West Services to create what you vision, we thrive on working on bespoke projects creating what others deem impossible. We constantly invest in our tools and equipment to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry, regularly sharing videos of our skilled team using the new tools, so you can really see what our workshop is like behind the scenes.