West Services was Contracted to Refurbish an existing Ground Floor accommodation.

The Solution

In October 2012 West Services took on a contract to Completely Refurbish a Ground Floor Flat.

Contract Time on site: Approx 6 Months
Contract Cost Confidential

 The Works

On day One we isolated all service and started to remove the kitchen, Bathroom, all flooring and ceilings etc, once all areas were clear we then started to survey all areas of the building to assess and come up with a plain of works. Extensive works were also required to remove internal Chimney brick work and flooring joists.

Works were as follows:

External Works

  • Roofing and box valley guttering works
  • Ground works for new water main
  • Window frames
  • Front door and frame
  • Extension building and drainage


Internal Works

  • New concrete flooring
  • New timber flooring
  • New internal walls and support framing
  • New bathroom/utility extension to rear
  • New ceiling and roof timbers (Life expired)
  • New repairs to sash windows
  • New doors and frames
  • New kitchen
  • New bathroom
  • Rewire and all new plumbing
  • Painting and decorating
  • Damp proofing works


We removed all internal fixtures and fittings and went about taking all walls and ceilings back to a sound position. from there on extensive works were carried out to remove the existing chimney and internal walls, the timber base flooring was removed and replaced due to the existing water main leaking under the floor area.

Once the floor was removed we then replaced the water main from out side, then extensive ground works had to be undertaken in the hall way, and rotted timber flooring and joist were removed and a concrete flooring was installed, this included under the stairs to support the stair case that is used to access the first floor flat.

Due to a high amount of water flowing through the building over many years industrial dehumidifiers were put in place over a fairly long period to remove as mush moisture as possible from the internal walls.

All internal walls were re-boarded and replastered, some tanking was completed to the rear walls to help maintain a damp free wall.

Further works were carried out to ceilings and window frames, and the small building to the rear was demolished and rebuilt to house the bathroom and a small utility room.

Once all of the work was completed all new kitchen, bathroom, internal doors and frames, flooring and decoration throughout was completed.

The Result

As you can see from the photographs before, in progress and the Finished Project.

Contract Time on site: 6 Months

Contract Cost Confidential

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