The Brief

Otford Station. We were instructed by the Facilities Manager to remove an existing old damaged Timber canterleverd canopy that had been hit by a large veichle from the front elevation of the building. This also caused damage to the buildings brick work.

The Solution

In early February of 2012 West Services de-constructed the damaged canopy from the front of the station and completely rebuilt to the original (100 year old) design, This work was undertaken over a 12 week period with the station still in part operation.

Unfortunately, due to structure of this extremely large and heavy canopy the 4 main supports that were completely shattered by the impact are of a cantilever construction where the support timber run from the canopy in to the building and through to the back wall, these timbers are approx 11 meters in length and 300 x 80 in diameter, these had to be hand shaped to match exiting design before they could be installed by lifting equipment.

The Works

To carry out the works first we had to construct a full scaffolding system with a top lid to protect the weather from entering the building as well as to not slow down works.

The first stage was to isolate and remove all external and internal lighting and install temporary solutions.

Then we began to take down all the internal ceilings to the booking hall and ticket office to be able to remove the large damaged beams, due to the fixing point of the timbers we also had to vacate the up stairs tenants to be able to remove their flooring, kitchen and WC to be able to take up the floor boards.

Work then started to remove and replace the main structured beams and replace with new, once in place the ceilings and lighting was re installed, all upstairs was also reinstalled with new carpets and decoration then on to the external works which included:

  • Rebuilding brick works
  • Re building canopy with new dagger boards (constructed in our workshop)
  • Specialised Roofing Panels and box gutters
  • Painting


The Result

As you can see from the photographs the once damaged Canopy is now restored to its original condition.

Contract time Onsite: 12 Weeks

Contract Cost £82,000.00

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